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In a lively discussion, three of the industry’s brightest minds assembled to talk Iot and the connected person (past, present, and future) with ECN Editorial Director David Mantey (@djamesmanny).

Now that the industry is rife with expanded interconnectivity, operability, and communication, wearables are personalized beyond anything we have ever experienced. This spectrum of connectivity gives us many incredible advantages, but also makes us susceptible to risks, so the concept seems to be as simple as it is complex.

On this Engineering Live broadcast, the panel answers the following questions:

  • IoT is in its infancy, but we’re at a stage where the technology meets policy. Who owns (will own) this information?
  • Personal health is one of the biggest opportunities for IoT. Right now, that means multiple devices for various health applications, but how far are we from a single device for all applications?
  • Where are the big design wins for IoT, besides healthcare? How far are we from transforming all of these disjointed applications into a common architecture?
  • What is quadruple trust, and how it fits into the vertical framework?
  • How do we secure a way of safely exposing IoT information?
  • Who is the connected person, right now? What does he/she look like in five years? Ten?
  • How will the role of predictive analytics play a role in our day-to-day personal and professional lives?
  • The next stage of IoT connectivity extends beyond wearables, and into implantables. What are the expectations for implanted IoT devices?
  • Will implantables play a role in predictive and preventative human maintenance?
  • What is the potential for such devices to affect free will?
  • What do design engineers need to know about the future of IoT in order to succeed in the industry?

Continue the discussion in the comment section below as well as on Twitter. Submit new questions to @ecnonline, #engineeringlive.

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Oleg Logvinov,
Chair, IEEE P2413 Working Group (WG); director, special assignments, Industrial and Power Conversion Division,















David Mantey,
Editorial Director,

Design Group








Y.K Chen,
IEEE IoT Initiative, Principal Researcher of Intel Corporation and Associate Director
Intel-National Taiwan University Connected Contest Computing Center


Roberto Minerva,
Chairman of the IEEE IoT Initiative; Head of Innovative Architectures Group,
Telecom Italia

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